Launching a mobile app, frustration, and creativity

My meditation app, Fully, got published to the app stores this weekend! Head to the launch post to read more, or download it for iOS or Android. The week or so leading up to getting published though, I caught myself getting frustrated, a lot. Why? Apple rejected my iOS app. Ok, fine. When I was addressing their feedback though, ...
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Why I left my tech job to build a meditation app

I felt battered around by the seas. I never quite felt like my full self. Right after college, I went into finance, then moved into software engineering, then data science. And in between, I experimented with freelancing, worked on startup ideas with friends, and even considered going into product management. By day, I was exploring and steering my career through ...
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Experimenting with standing desks, online courses, and hypnagogic naps

I hope everyone has been doing well during these unprecedented times. I spend a lot of time learning about how to improve my experience in life. As a result, I wanted to introduce a new writing experiment I cooked up to share more of what I've learned. The series will be short, somewhat regular (monthly?) updates on life-improving ideas or ...
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What impacted me the most in 2019

What things, experiences, and ideas have impacted me the most in 2019 Similar to what I did in 2018, I wanted to record what things, experiences, and ideas had the most positive impact on me in 2019 (and beyond). 👫 Family I married my best friend and love of my life! People always ask, "has anything changed since you got ...
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“New Year’s Reflections” are better than “New Year’s Resolutions”

I love carving out R&R time. It is time for "reflection and re-alignment" (in addition to rest and relaxation), and it always leaves me feeling refreshed and re-energized. I try to reflect and re-align at the end of every year. But instead of doing the traditional "New Year's Resolutions" (we all know how well those work), I've improved the process ...
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My 2018 in review – what had an impact on me

As 2018 comes to an end, I wanted to reflect and write down some of the things that have impacted me this year, and into the future. I made these thoughts brief, as I want to be concise and prioritize what had the most impact. Hopefully readers find my thoughts useful in a practical or thought provoking way. I'm happy ...
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